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Chain Letter of the Arts

Could history’s greatest works of art be the product of a dark secret?

Follow artifact hunter, Andrew Game, as he journeys on a clandestine assignment to Providence, Rhode Island hoping to recover an ancient document credited with being the inspiration behind many of the world’s most beloved literary masterpieces.

But when, Cutty Abbott, a young, down on his luck writer, with an affinity for antiques unwittingly purchases a trinket box at a local estate sale and discovers the long-lost document hidden inside: a cleverly devised chain letter written by horror writer, H.P. Lovecraft, things get interesting.

Excited by his good fortune, and hastily dismissive of the superstition surrounding chain letters, Cutty eagerly reads the cursed writing, unknowingly setting Lovecraft’s time-sensitive chain into motion.

After a midnight visit from Lovecraft’s ghost warning him of the deadly consequences of not fulfilling the haunted chain, Cutty’s earlier disbelief quickly turns to fear; impelling him on a twisted race against the clock and a sure-fire collision course with Mr. Game.



When a mysterious Death Mask is found hidden in an abandoned Pennsylvania farmhouse and put up for auction to the highest bidder, rumors about its haunted past spark interest from the media and turn the mask into a highly anticipated sensation. But perhaps some things should remain hidden.


On the eve of the mask’s inaugural display, dedicated curator for the Atlanta Museum of Curiosities, Andria Walker, is alone in the museum and attending to last minute details when she discovers the mask to be alive and uttering strange riddles.


After fleeing the building amid her screams of terror, Andria is left to convince herself, and the police, that she’s not crazy. When no one is willing to listen, Andria enlists the help of local police detective, Finnegan Winters, to accompany her on an eye-opening investigation to solve the bizarre mystery. What they uncover is a jaw-dropping surprise of historical proportion.


After a century in dormant seclusion, the matching appendage to the infamous Monkey's Paw has resurfaced. And once again, something sinister is afoot.


When a ninety-year-old Concord, Massachusetts resident named, Riley Stephenson, receives the other Monkey’s Paw as a birthday gift from an old friend, along with a strong warning to use his three wishes wisely, he wastes little time putting his good fortune to use. But haste and apathetic disregard of his friend’s advice quickly leads to ill-fated decisions with dire consequences.


On the heels of Mr. Stephenson’s first wish and subsequent disappearance, Finnegan Winters and Andria Walker—a rookie team of clandestine artifact collectors—are called in to track down Stephenson and the troublesome paw.


As the strange case unfolds, Finn and Andria find themselves involved in a head-spinning journey of veiled secrets and bizarre customs pointing to a mysterious healing pool hidden deep inside the jungles of the Amazon.


With the odds stacked against them and paltry information to work from, Finn and Andria must lean heavily on their novice instincts, but can they recover the paw before Stephenson makes his final wish and unleashes havoc of irreversible proportions?


Savannah, Georgia

Is being invisible a blessing or a curse? After a set of mysterious notebooks—each filled with arcane symbols and cryptic formulas—are discovered locked inside a family safe, Thomas (Thom) Marvel IV is about to find out.


Soon after the notebooks are found, a curious Thom begins experimenting with the enigmatic formulas and inadvertently turns himself invisible. Not knowing how to reverse the condition, he is left with few options except to figure out a way of using it to his advantage.


Tapping into Savannah’s abundant reputation for the supernatural, Thom becomes a local celebrity when he begins performing nightly as a ghost tour guide. With his days free, Thom spends the daylight hours engrossed in experimentation in hopes of unearthing a solution that will turn him back visible again.


As Thom feverishly works to find an answer, Finnegan Winters and Andria Walker—a sophomore team of artifact hunters with a proclivity for the paranormal—head to Savannah to investigate a puzzling coincidence between missing bodies from the city morgue and an uptick in unexplained ghost activity surrounding the city’s most popular haunted locations.


As strange details of the case unfold, and Thom gets more desperate for a solution, Finn and Andria find themselves working against the clock to piece together the clues to track down the body snatcher before things turn deadly.



This short piece is a true, inspirational story about an eight-year-old girl's hat party, arranged shortly after receiving a cancer diagnosis requiring surgery and chemotherapy. As is often the case with many such tragic times in this life, this story highlights the importance of hope and the cornerstone virtues of love and charity, while reaffirming the unconquerable strength of the human spirit.



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